John Dunn Sr. and Rich Yoder are the orginators of this site. Both of us have been involved in modeling in “O” scale for the past 30 years. Prior to that time both were actively involved in modeling. John in HO and O three rail. Rich in “O” three rail.

The authenticity variety and attraction to two rail scale hit both of us about the same time in our lives. We originally met while on a bus trip to an “O” scale show in Stamford CT. Over the years we both attended shows feeling as though we were the young members in what seemed to be a gray haired hobby.

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Now 30 years later it’s time for us to step forward and help foster continunity in this small niche of the hobby of model trains. The tradition of “O” two rail train shows held in Eastern PA will continue in a new and exciting way. Come along with us.

Rich and John